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Groupe fmr (flows, matrices, networks)

The main goal of our working group is to integrate the tools and methods of network analysis (social, technical, complex) into geographical research. Our review consists in an in-depth examination and coverage of available concepts, vocabularies, methods, and tools. See also the blog

Keywords: flow, geography, graph, matrix, network

List of papers

Croissance et décroissance des réseaux, approches méthodologiques, F. Bahoken and S. Lhomme

Graphs, networks, social networks: Vocabulary and notation, L. Beauguitte

Global measures of a network, C. Ducruet

Local measures of a network, C. Ducruet

Cliques and communities, L. Beauguitte

Blockmodeling and equivalence, L. Beauguitte

Simplification and graph partition, C. Ducruet

Small-world, scale-free networks and geography , L. Beauguitte and C. Ducruet

Scale-free and small-world networks in geographical research: A critical examination, L. Beauguitte and C. Ducruet

Matrix operations and graph analysis, P. and L. Beauguitte

Matrices' representation. Graph or/and flow maps?, F. Bahoken

Structural analysis of engineering networks: Weaknesses, models and properties, S. Lhomme

Web mapping: Social links on the internet, M. Severo

Statistical models for network analysis. From model p1 to ERGM, L. Beauguitte

Multigraphs, multiplexes, and coupled networks, C. Ducruet

Models of Theoretical Graphs, S. Lhomme

Two-mode networks analysis, L. Beauguitte

Dynamic and longitudinal network analysis, M. Maisonobe

Visualizing networks. Principles, problems and prospects, F. Bahoken, L. Beauguitte et S. Lhomme

Tutorial available on CEL (cours en ligne)

A short introduction to Pajek, L. Beauguitte

Analysing networks with R: packages statnet, igraph, and tnet, L. Beauguitte