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GeWoPs (GEMASS Working Papers) are to circulate the research programmes led by GEMASS researchers, professors, PhD and post-PhD students.
In that aim, the texts, -in French, English or any appropriate scientific communication language - submitted for publication in the GeWoPs can be of three types : A/ texts in progress that have not yet been presented in a conference or not yet been submitted for publication; B/ texts in progress that have already been presented at least once in a national or international conference or in a research seminar in France or abroad; C/ texts on the way to being submitted or just submitted, to a journal with an advisory committee.
For a text to become a GeWoP, it must follow three steps: 1/ texts of type A must imperatively be presented at a GEMASS seminar session whereas it is at the option of the author to present it at a GEMASS seminar session in the cases B and C; 2/ The GeWoPs advisory committee gives a written advice, possibly with modification requirements ; 3/ the director of the unit decides if the author of the paper has replied in a satisfactory way to the requirements of the advisory committee and confirms or not the publication of the paper as a GeWoP. In case of a publication later anywhere else, the author commits to provide enough modifications in order to preserve the original feature of the writings.
The GeWoPs proposals must be sent to Olivier Galland who will forward them to the members of the advisory committee. This committee is composed until 2014 of Philippe Steiner, Gianluca Manzo and Beate Collet. The advisory committe is renewed every two years.
From September 2013, GeWops are included within the collection of the FMSH Working papers