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Welcome to INTERCO SSH project’s online article collection hosted on Hal’s web platform.The INTERCO-SSH project, coordinated by Gisèle Sapiro, sets out to assess the state of the Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) in Europe and to understand the factors that facilitate or hinder international exchanges. It aims to outline potential future pathways that could promote cooperation across disciplinary and national boundaries. It also aims at establishing SSH Studies as a research domain.

The project uses the tools of the SSH to study the SSH in their socio-historical context, including their relationship with the political and economic powers. It compares the process of institutionalisation of seven academic disciplines in eight countries in order to identify the sociological factors that have shaped the “academic unconscious” of scholars. Furthermore, it investigates the transfer of knowledge between countries and disciplines through international assocations, translations and modes of circulation of ideas.

This project is funded by the European Union under the 7th Research Framework Programme (Grant agreement n°319974)






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