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The open archive HAL SHS is devoted to archiving and dissemination of scientific literature, published or unpublished, from universities or research institutions in all disciplines of human and social sciences.


Ancient villages of Northern Syria Environnement Mount Simeon جبل باريشا علم الأثر Europe Travail Traduction Chanson-papier Ifpo Mémoire Littérature Diapositive Mission archéologique de Syrie du Nord Harim District علم الآثار Union européenne Enseignement Genre Vieux Damas جبل سمعان History Urbanism Époques romaine et byzantine Politique العصور الرومانية و البِيزنطية Archaeology Archive Gouvernorat d'Idlib Chine العصرالبِيزنطي Aleppo Governorate Photographie noir et blanc Gouvernorat d'Alep District de Ḥārim Époque byzantine Byzantine period Massif calcaire de la Syrie du Nord France Old Damascus Art Villes mortes Jebel Barisha Édition musicale Urbanisme Ancient villages of Nothern Syria Religion Identité Culture Brésil منطقة حارم Tadmor Palmyre Limestone Massif تدمر سوريا Montagne محافظة ادلب Idlib Governorate Innovation Sociologie Théâtre Internet Archéologie Syria Bâtiment Migration فن العمارة Histoire Philosophie Limestone Massif of Northern Syria المدن المنسية Gender Agriculture Ville Jabal Barisha Droit Cinéma Généralités Linguistique Education Architecture جبال الكتلة الكلسية Territoire محافظة حلب Afrique Formation Syrie Moyen Âge Époque romaine Gouvernance دمشق القديمة Villages antiques de la Syrie du Nord Responsabilité CEMCA Antiquité Sciences de l'Homme et Société Patrimoine Dead Cities Italie


Objectives and contents

HAL SHS provides publications produced by the scientific research. The expected scientific level is the one of a publication submitted in a peer-reviewed journal. HAL SHS does not limit to published documents, or even intended to be published, but the scientific contents must be suited for a display in HAL SHS.
The following types of document are not accepted:

  • master mémoire (dissertation)
  • PowerPoint presentation or poster, unless it is an annex of an article
  • bibliography alone
  • table of content of a book
  • presentation of product
  • annual report
  • experience feedback.

For contributors

  • The deposit of the fulltext should be made  in the agreement of all its authors, and in the respect for the policy of the publishers
  • A submitted document passed a moderation process. It can be rejected if it does not fullfill HAL criteria
  • Once a document is put online, it cannot be withdrawn.

For readers

  • Within the context of electronic communication, rules about intellectual property do apply. In particular, authors must be correctly recognized as such, and tne work must be cited if used.

Terms of Use

  • HAL metadata can be browsed in full or partially by OAI-PMH harvesting
  • No commercial use of the extracted data
  • Must cite the source (e.g.

Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe (UMRS 3668) []


Last update: 2023/02/20

Full-text submissions

393 637


In six months, the deposit suggestion service has automatically enriched the HAL with the full text of more than 8,000 publications, identified by a DOI and already in open access.

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The "Let's be accessible" booklet aims to help students and researchers integrate accessibility into their academic work, such as dissertations, theses and publications.

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How should scientific integrity misconduct related to a publication deposited in HAL be addressed and dealt with? Although reports are rare, they unfortunately do occur. The CCSD is implementing a system that will allow it to rely on the scientific advisors of its three supervising institutions.

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