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hal-01672567v1  Book sections
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Fifteen Advances in Service Innovation Studies
in Ada Scupola and Lars Fuglsang. (eds) (2018), Integrated Crossroads of Service, Innovation and Experience Research-Emerging and Established Trends, Edward Elgar Publishers, 2018
halshs-01133184v1  Journal articles
Jean GadreyFaïz Gallouj. The Provider-Customer Interface in Business and Professional Services
Service Industries Journal, 1998, 18 (2), pp.1-15
halshs-01247620v1  Journal articles
Faïz Gallouj. Inspiration Economy " : A New Journal
Journal of Inspiration Economy, 2014, 1 (1), pp.4-9
halshs-01134031v1  Conference papers
Silvia CruzSônia PaulinoFaïz Gallouj. Innovation in Brazilian landfills: A ServPPIN perspective
XXIV. International RESER Conference: Services and new societal challenges: innovation for sustainable growth and welfare, RESER, Sep 2014, Helsinki, Finland
halshs-01133863v1  Journal articles
Benoît DesmarchelierFaridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Environmental policies and eco-innovations by service firms: an agent-based model
Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2013, 80 (7), pp.1395-1408
halshs-03177910v1  Conference papers
Benoît DesmarchelierFaridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Collaborating for social innovation in public services: inside the black box of public service innovation networks for social innovation (PSINSIs)
30th RESER/COVAL International Congress. Value Co-creation and Innovation in the New Service Economy, Jan 2021, Madrid (virtual), Spain
halshs-01113818v1  Conference papers
Faridah DjellalCamal GalloujFaïz Gallouj. L’hôpital : de l’innovation médicale à l’innovation de service
Services and Innovation, RESER, University of Manchester (UMIST), Sep 2002, Manchester, France
halshs-01113831v1  Conference papers
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Les services publics à l’épreuve de la productivité et la productivité à l’épreuve des services publics
16th International Conference of RESER, « Services Governance and Public Policy »,, RESER and ISCTE, Sep 2006, Lisbon, Portugal. pp.25 - 54, ⟨10.4000/rei.1963⟩
halshs-01114130v1  Book sections
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. A propos de la nature de l’innovation dans les services : les enseignements d’une enquête postale
DJELLAL F., GALLOUJ F. (eds), Nouvelle économie des services et innovation., L'Harmattan, pp.135-163, 2002
halshs-01116589v1  Book sections
Faïz Gallouj. Les services : une économie de la performance et de l’innovation
MONNOYER M.C. et TERNAUX P. (éd), Mondialisation des services, innovation et dynamiques territoriales, Editions L’Harmattan, Collection La Librairie des Humanités, p. 15-22., L'Harmattan, pp.15-22, 2007
halshs-01114122v1  Book sections
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Les enquêtes sur l’innovation dans les services : un bilan
Recherche et innovation : la France dans la Compétition mondiale, La Documentation Française, pp.319-331, 1999, 2 11 004432 2
halshs-01114123v1  Book sections
Jon SundboFaïz Gallouj. Innovation as a loosely coupled system in services
METCALFE S. and MILES I. (ed.), Innovation systems in the service economy : measurement and case study analysis, 1, pp.43-68, 2000, ⟨10.1504/IJSTM.2000.001565⟩
halshs-01114104v1  Journal articles
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. A model for analysing the innovation dynamic in services: the case of ‘assembled’ services
International Journal of Services Technology and Management, 2008, 9 (3/4), pp.285-304
halshs-01113871v1  Conference papers
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. A model for analysing the innovation dynamic in services: the case of 'assembled' services
SEM 2007, Service engineering and management summer school, Helsinki University of Technology, Sep 2007, Helsinki, Finland. ⟨10.1504/IJSTM.2008.019702⟩
halshs-01113986v1  Conference papers
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Beyond Productivity Measurement and Strategies: Performance Evaluation and Strategies in Services
21st International Conference of RESER, « Productivity of Services NextGen: Beyond Output/Input »,, RESER and University of Hamburg, Sep 2011, Hamburg, Germany
hal-01111724v1  Conference papers
Charlotte FourcroyFaïz GalloujFabrice Decellas. Energy consumption in service industries: Challenging the myth of non-materiality
9th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics. Advancing Ecological Economics, European Society for Ecological Economics, Jun 2011, Istanbul, Turkey. ⟨10.1016/j.ecolecon.2012.07.003⟩
halshs-01113976v1  Conference papers
Faïz GalloujCéline Merlin-BrogniartAnne-Catherine Provost. Public–private partnerships in hospital innovation: what lessons for hospital management?
Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Academy of Management, Jun 2011, San Antonio, United States. ⟨10.4337/9781781002667.00019⟩
halshs-01114018v1  Conference papers
Faïz GalloujJean GadreyEdwige Ghillebaert. La construction sociale du produit financier postal
5èmes journées IFRESI, IFRESI-CNRS, Mar 1997, Lille, France
halshs-01113900v1  Conference papers
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. L'innovation gap et le performance gap dans les économies de services : un défi pour les politiques publiques
« The spirit of innovation III » Forum : Innovation Networks, Réseau de Recherhe sur l'Innovation (RRI), May 2008, Tacoma (Whashington), États-Unis
halshs-01113906v1  Conference papers
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Innovation in services and entrepreneurship: beyond industrialist and technologist concepts of sustainable development
XVIII RESER International Conference: "New horizons for the role and production of services", RESER and Stuttgart University, Sep 2008, Stuttgart, Germany
halshs-01113912v1  Conference papers
Faïz Gallouj. Innovation in services: a review of the debate and a research agenda
33ème congrès de l’ANPAD (Associaçao Nacional de Pos-Graduaçao e Pesquisa em Administraçao), ANPAD, Sep 2009, Sao Polo, Brazil
halshs-01113813v1  Conference papers
Faridah DjellalFaïz Gallouj. Innovation surveys for service industries: a review
“Innovation and Entreprise Creation: Statistics and Indicators”, European Commission, Eurostat, Nov 2000, Valbonne, France
halshs-01114039v1  Journal articles
Faïz Gallouj. Le processus de production de l'innovation dans les service de conseil
Revue Française de Gestion, 1995, N° 103 mars-avril-mai, pp.109-119
halshs-01114040v1  Journal articles
Camal GalloujFaïz Gallouj. L’innovation dans les services et le modèle du "cycle du produit inversé
Revue Française de Gestion, 1997, N°113, mars-avril-mai, pp.82-97
halshs-01113600v1  Reports
J HowellsB TetherF GalloujF DjellalC Gallouj et al.  Innovation in Services: Issues at Stake and Trends.
[Research Report] European Commission. 2004